DiffMix brings citizens and art together

Diffmix is a project within the framework of the European Capital of Culture Esch2022. Diffmix is even more than that. It’s a digital meeting place between residents of Differdange and artists from Europe.

DiffMix invites all citizens to mark places in the municipality where they would like to see changes. From the places entered, five will be selected. Again, in an open and transparent selection process. For each of the five places, there is an open call on diffmix.lu, where artists from Europe can submit ideas.

The ideas will be open to be commented by citizens and discussed with the artists. The ideas that the residents decide on will be implemented. It’s a creative process that allows participation as well.

The results of the process can be experienced by visitors to the Capital of Culture and perhaps even to be shaped by them. There is only one thing DiffMix cannot do: build parking lots. Even though this is certainly one of the citizens’ concerns DiffMix is most often confronted with. 🙂


DiffMix creates an interactive channel between the City of Differdange, its inhabitants and the European artists in order to determine neighborhood locations that have direct influence on the local community life. The top down approach to cultural interventions and design of public space often makes them selective and sometimes exclusive, and, as the result, they are not appropriated by the citizens. DiffMix invites citizens to re-appropriate public space of the city of Differdange in order to create community places and promote cultural mix.

The transformation of public space into community places can only happen if local inhabitants are included. DiffMix invites artists (designers, architects and other creatives) from all over Europe to realise installations and side-events that will support this co-creation process. Citizens participate in the reflection, creation and realization process and take advantage of it in the long run.

Co-Creation Process

The co-creation process as a methodology for participation gives citizens the possibility:

  • to express their needs and ideas for the space they live in and interact with,
  • to decide on the interventions, and
  • to participate in the implementation process.

Through participation, DiffMix assures that residents have a voice in shaping the public and cultural spaces.

Participation is hereby understood as an open process, including: submitting opinions, being an active part of the design process and putting in work or just using the space that had been redefined. Citizens can engage at different points of the project matching their needs.



Definition of places & citiziens’ needs and ideas for the Creative Brief



Open Call for European Artists for creative brief



Implementation and activation of artistic interventions with participation of citizen

Step 1. Discover places for co-creation


As the first step of the DiffMix project, citizens point out places and their aspirations for a possible co-creation (‘artistic intervention’) in various neighborhoods of Differdange on DiffMix interactive map. Additional information from local associations, citizen dialogues and creative workshops helps to identify areas where changes are important for creating a better neighbourhood feeling. A process in which the City of Differdange is involved along with the community. As a result, at least four specific public spaces as well as the needs and aspirations of the participating citizens are identified. The outcoming Creative Briefs are the basis for the next step.


Stay tuned!