DiffMix brings citizens, public spaces and art together

DiffMix contributes to the European Capital of Culture Esch2022
In 2022, Esch-Alzette, the second largest city in Luxembourg, will become the European Capital of Culture together with the municipalities of Pro-Sud and the neighbouring French municipalities of “Communauté de Communes Pays Haut Val d’Alzette” (CCPHVA).
With the “DiffMix” art project, the Commune de Differdange is making a cultural contribution to Esch2022.

Co-Creation Process

Art as a co-creation process
The idea of DiffMix is to rethink the subject of art in public spaces. While decisions about public artworks are usually made by expert bodies in the absence of the public, DiffMix takes a different approach: In a co-creation process, the citizens of Differdange are integrated as much as possible into the creation and implementation process. Opportunities for interaction were and are offered throughout the process. Online via the DiffMix platform and offline via exhibitions and citizen workshops. In this way, the individual project steps of the co-creation process can be experienced by the residents and visitors of the Capital of Culture:


Selection of locations

Identifying citizens’ interests and selecting appropriate locations for interventions


Ideas contest

Open tender for European artists



Implementation of the artistic interventions with the participation of the citizens

Selection of locations
All citizens were invited to use the Diffmix platform to mark places in the community where they would like to see change. Of the marked locations (LINK to Spaces), five were selected in an open and transparent selection process.

Ideas contest
For each of the five locations, there was an open tender for entries on contest.diffmix.lu, in which over 35 European artists participated. The ideas could be commented on by all citizens and discussed with the artists. For each of the five locations, a winner was chosen in an open process.

With the support of the town of Differdange and with the participation of citizens, the five winning ideas will be implemented by the artists.In August 2022, the finished works of art will be presented to the citizens of Differdange. To ensure that the jointly created places are also used together, various events are planned for the five selected locations.

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