DiffMix in Fousbann

DiffMix was on the road again and this time in the Fousbann area.

First stop: 1535° Creative Hub and Sonotron. In its courtyard, DiffMix met some creative residents to introduce the project and most importantly to ask which spaces they propose for change and art. Among the suggestions there was the space in front of the Town Hall of Differdange – so central but it feels like something is missing there. 

Next stop: the Jugendhaus. Four young friends would love to have space next to the Woiwer School for riding their mountain bikes and for playing football. 

Many of the passing people were visitors in Differdange and would forward the DiffMix Project to their local friends. Some of the inhabitants wanted more time to find out spaces that DiffMix is searching for. 

And if you haven’t pointed a space out yet, you can do it in the Spaces.