But what is an “artistic intervention”?

Are you wondering what happened after the discussions at the local market last week?!

First, the spaces that you proposed were reflected and inserted on the map. You can find them here: diffmix.lu/spaces/

A lot of talks and thoughts came on the table!

And DiffMix is trying to understand: What is an “artistic intervention”?

Is it a static work of art of great aesthetic?

Is it something useful and functional and beautiful?

Is it a static object or an installation; or an event, like a theatre play or a performance?

Or, maybe, is it an object that is moving, folding or/and lightening?

What do you think? DiffMix is open to hear your interpretations and understandings!

Next action:  “a district per day”. DiffMix will be on the streets of each district for one day to hear what you think about “artistic interventions”. First district: Niederkorn!