Contest Deadline extended to Oct 15th

Everyone is back from their summer break and the conversations between the artists, the inhabitants of Differdange and the organizers of the Diffmix project are picking up speed.

As those conversations – including all questions and remarks from artist and residents – are just as important to the Diffmix contest as the final results, we decided to 


  1. extend the contest deadline to Oct. 15th 2021
  2. enable artists to upload not only their final work but also just rough drafts to share, discuss and test their ideas with others before elaborating further on them (check out first examples on the submission page)


To all artist that plan to enter a submission, please 

  • take advantage of the possibility to share and discuss your ideas
  • fill out your personal profile 
  • and get involved in the conversation


We look very much forward to constructive and exciting discussions with all of you in the next weeks