Hello Differdange

Hello Differdange,

Our virtual DiffMix Team has just got it done. We made our Website be Online. And because we are a bit proud about it, we will shortly introduce the team being responsible for what you see:

There is Martin – the Head of Everything! And therefore always very busy! As the City Manager of Differdange, he is the one who’s obviously sticking out his neck first, if something is not working properly.

Then, there is Katja – she knows all about Citizen Participation and she is talking to Citizens and Artists. By the way, she is also responsible for Timeline Tracking. A hell of a job in Pandemic times and with a wild bunch of teams we have.

Eliki, just joined the team as a good Multilingual Architect, who likes to roll up her sleeves and get things done. She has been working in Participatory Design Projects in Greece and Luxembourg.

Fatih, the Web Developer in our Team. Do not wonder if you get an email from him at 7 in the morning, indicating he again got something running last night, where no one believed it would ever be possible!

Dominik, the Graphic Designer. He is responsible for Orange and “X” – and we thank him for this! We, indeed, discussed his approaches hardly, but it turned out that he had been right from the beginning. A great designer!

Elma is taking care that we do not do things that only we understand and she is showing everything about the project on our Social Media Channels.

André, who is trying to keep the whole thing running, by sometimes putting some pragmatism into the process. He is the great Creative Consultant!

So, this is us! And now we hope that we started something for the most valuable people in the Project: you, either you are a Citizen of Differdange or you work here as an Artist that likes and wants to participate in the DiffMix Project.

We are looking forward to meeting you 🙂

Kind regards,
DiffMix Project