Something is going on – DiffMix is shaping up.

Kissing Bench

In Madrid, they are currently working hard on the artwork for Thiellebierg. It’s amazing to see how the images from the scanned article are now being turned into these wonderful pieces of art. Mrs. & Mr. Garcia are certainly a great team and their enthusiasm for their work is contagious at every stage. Current plans are for the installation and the faces of Jean-Paul Olinger and Henri Lorenzo Huber to grace the walls of the building at Thiellebierg by the end of July. 

Amphitheatre Chiers

Materials have arrived for the amphiteather at Parc Chiers. More than 1.5 tons of wonderful and accurately cut wood were delivered last week. Each piece has been precisely planned by Lilo Ming Kiefer and – with some kind help – safely stored. If everything goes well and everything is calculated correctly, a wonderful amphitheater will be created from the many planks as soon as beginning of July 2022. Everyone who wants to be part of the construction is welcome to come and help on July 2nd.

Colors of differdange


The Place des Allies will also soon change its face. The letters for the Differdange lettering are currently being made and they will soon decorate the Place. The preparations for the installation are also in full swing.

Light for a Wash House


In the old washhouse, the last cables were laid two weeks ago and the installation work was completed. Now we are all very excited to learn when we can turn on the lights and open the gates. Organizing the opening event may take a few more days, but we hope to be able to announce a date to all neighbors and culture interested people very soon. 


Play & Park


Only the Place Jehan Steichen will have to wait a little longer. The special colors that will be used there have unfortunately not yet been delivered. Brushes have been purchased and appointments made, but nothing has arrived yet. Nevertheless, we all hope that the painting can start in mid-July.