Discover Differdange through the eyes of its citizens

A few months ago, we spoke to several citizens to find out how they see their city. From commune workers to association founders and cultural leaders — they all agree: it’s a culturally rich city in constant evolution and full of potential.

A historical past that’s evolving

Differdange is Luxembourg’s third biggest city, and its historical past is undeniable: a rich industrial heritage and beautiful architecture from different periods is something all our interviewees mentioned right away. This past is dear to the city, but planners also understand Differdange and its surroundings need to evolve to adjust to the needs of a growing population. In fact, the city has had to reinvent itself since the decline of the industry, which has led to an interesting marriage of industry, culture and nature. 

Culturally rich

Locals agree the city is culturally active and quite reactive to change. Differdange has lots of citizen associations compared to other cities, and is quite open to new ideas. A large Portuguese community comes together for regular events, such as the fete Portuguese which takes place for two days during the summer. This multicultural environment is a big highlight, but some individuals mentioned more space to meet for culture happenings would be nice.

Hotspots of Differdange

When it comes to naming the most important areas of Differdange, our interviewees pointed out the city’s urban center could be revived somewhat, as commerce has begun to leave. But there is also a nice selection of parks, such as Parc Gerlache which is very central and packed in the summer. Other notable places include the Aalt Stadhaus for culture, and the Place de Marche for public events, the Creative Hub 1535 also adds a creative flair to the area.

Connecting people

Our respondents agree that each district has its own unique character, and that it would be nice to be more connected — instead of centralizing everything in Differdange. However, there is already a lot of traffic, so there needs to be a focus on pedestrians when connecting the area. This is especially important to prepare for the influx of new residents.


👉 Have a look at the DiffMix contest page, and find out which areas will be redesigned with residents in 2022 to create a new community experience. And if you’re an artist or a creative, don’t forget to submit your idea!