Beim Waschbuer

The Space

“Beim Waschbuer” is a historic public washing house located in the center of Differdange. The iconic building is a memorial and part of the cities’ history. Mainly women gathered in washing houses even up to the seventies of the last century to wash clothes for their families – and of course to chat about the latest news in town.

The winning Idea

“Light for a Wash House” is a light installation with cocoons made out of upcycled fiberglass including participants of different fields and demographics in the building process.

The Artists

“an atelier of other” is a decentralised establishment, formed by a constellation of independent thinkers and doers hinging between the fields of architecture, matter and art. Conceived by Marion Delaporte (lu) and Timothy Tan (sg) in 2020, an atelier of other is now repurposing fiberglass reinforced polymer through landscape scenography and urban installation in Luxembourg.



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