Espace Thillebierg

The Space

The “Tillebierg” played a role in the steel industry of Differdange and is today one of those places where the adolescents meet for a chat with like-minded and maybe a shy first kiss. A place on the periphery of Differdange and on the edge of the forest overlooking the town, located at a popular Sunday afternoon dog walking path. 

The winning Idea

“Kissing Bench” features two huge portraits of characters defined by the community of Differdange placed on the corner of the Tillebierg building. Dynamic outdoor portraits swaying in the wind and sparkling in the sun, supplemented with a “kissing bench” to sit and wait for the magic.

The Artists

“MRS&MR GARCIA” are art designers from Barcelona and Bilbao based in Madrid. They look for new ways to create narratives as an implicit part of visual objects.


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