Parc Chiers

The Space

Chiers is the name of the river that originates near Differdange. The Parc de la Chiers is the city’s new green lung located between the districts of Differdange, Oberkorn and Fousbann. Thanks to its hiking and biking trails, the park is accessible to residents from all different parts of the city. It invites you to relax and offers moments of peace for the whole family.

The winning Idea

“Amphitheatre Chiers” is an amphitheatre-like community stage inspired by the round shape of the central area of the park. The stage can be used for improvisations and events.

The Artists

Lilo Ming Kiefer is a Berlin based artist and designer duo working together as well as independently in the fields of sound, architecture, textile and spatial design.


Ástvaldur Axel Thorisson has been working together with Lilo on the project. 


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