Place des Alliés

The Space

Place des Alliés is a main square located in the Fousbann area of the City of Differdange. This area is marked by a historically important center of steel production that is less than 300m away from Place des Alliés. A part of the industrial site has recently been reconverted to the hosting of 300 creatives.

The winning Idea

“Colors of Differdange” puts oversized letters in scene that spell the word DIFFERDANGE. The letters have different materials and colors and give a playful look to the space. They provide different functions for everyone, young and old: to sit, to play games, to leave a bike, to plant flowers and herbs, and to take pictures.

The Artists

Julia and Jakub live in Luxembourg City and met through their professional work as architects. Both of them have Polish roots. Their collaborative work comes from their combined passion for elegant and people-orientated design. In the DiffMix Contest they have won two first prizes.


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