Place Jéhan Steichen

The Space

Located between the City of Differdange and its water sports area, Place Jéhan Steichen can be called a transition space. Also historically the open area between residential houses built for the industry workers has experienced a transition of various purposes – e.g. as Market Place and location for an annual funfair. Today the open space is a parking lot which shall also remain in its use for the near future. 

The winning Idea

“Play and Park” is a series of games and activities that can be painted onto the car park space. The different zones for running, ball games, relaxation etc. fit within the grid of the car park spaces so the place can still be used as a car park. 

The Artists

Julia and Jakub live in Luxembourg City and met through their professional work as architects. Both of them have Polish roots. Their collaborative work comes from their combined passion for elegant and people-orientated design. In the DiffMix Contest they have won two first prizes.


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