Artists of the ‘Light for a Wash House’ won Luxinnovation’s Circular by Design Challenge

Timothy Tan & Marion Delaporte of ‘Light for a Wash House’ idea are one of six winners of the second Circular by Design Challenge, an inititive launched by the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster and managed by Luxinnovation, with the support of the Grand-Duchy’s Ministry of the Economy. Their project Reviving Fiberglass: Cocoon won first prize in the category “Let’s make it happen”.

The Circular by Design Challenge aims at stimulating the development of new design solutions and innovative business models that are in line with the principles of the circular economy. Timothy & Marion transform discarded fiberglass cylinders into light pieces which are tested, upcycled, designed, crafted and built specifically in Luxembourg.

Some of those cocoons are soon going to be suspended over an endless flow of water in the Wash House in Differdange. The rippling movement of the water surface will reflect the cocoons in an infinite direction, projecting the lights against all walls.

Timothy is explaining in this interview how they turn fiberglass waste into exclusive pieces and what motivated them to use this ubiquitous material. Marion & Timothy joined us from Wäschbuer to share a little more about their artistic intervention.